Application Integration

What is EAI?

Application integration (sometimes called enterprise application integration or EAI) is the process of bringing data or a function from one application program together with that of another application program. Where these programs already exist, the process is sometimes realized by using middleware, either packaged by a vendor or written on a custom basis. An common challenge for an enterprise is to integrate an existing (or legacy) program with a new program or with a Web service program of another company.

Key Role

Analysis and Strategy services to assist you in determining the effective strategy with optimum efforts and costs to achieve your business objectives, with lower development costs and project risks through greater software reuse;

Business-to-business functionality as Web Services to provide additional benefits; Simplifying end-to-end process automation to provide additional value chain economies;

Accessing the Business services and business rules as services to enable the clients to Implement new processes more quickly;

Respond with greater speed to business or regulatory demands, keeps costs to a minimum and powers imaginative new ways to address the needs of end-users more effectively.